Preporuke o pravima obitelji

31 12 2012

We solemnly reaffirm that the family, based on marriage between
one man and one woman is the natural and fundamental unit of
society entitled to protection by society and the State.
We are concerned with the current challenges faced by the family.
We are especially troubled by deliberate efforts to devalue this
natural social institution par excellence, and in particular, the
authentic nature of marriage, the ideal of fidelity and solidarity in
conjugal love, and respect for the right to life.
As democratically elected Members of Parliament and
representatives of national CDI member parties, we fervently call
for renewed efforts to value and promote the family as an essential
and vital contributor to the common good of our societies. We
recognize that the family is a community of love, life and solidarity,
based on the enduring bond of communion between a husband and
wife, which is uniquely suited by its nature to give birth, raise
children, and to protect and care for its most vulnerable members.
Through inter-generational solidarity and the transmission of proven
cultural values and practices as well as religious traditions, it assists
its members to grow in human wisdom, to serve others and to
advance a greater sense of responsibility to future generations,
while ensuring that the inherent dignity of the human person is
We strongly endorse and support international human rights law
based on treaties, custom and general principles that oblige States
to promote and protect the rights of the natural family by
developing robust domestic policies and laws that effectively tackle
the devastating consequences caused by violations of these rights.
Accordingly, we reaffirm the following legal principles that have
been acknowledged as forming the basis of international human
rights and the family. All human beings, by nature male or female,
are equally endowed with reason, conscience and free will. Every
human being is a human person with inherent human dignity.
Rights are correlative with duties to others and the community.
Rights and duties may therefore be limited by law for the purpose of
meeting the requirements of the common good of society. Rights
and duties derive from inherent dignity of every human person.
5.8  We reiterate, in particular, that: a man and a woman of full age,
without limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right
to marry and to found a family; marriage shall be entered into only
with free and full consent of both of the intending spouses; the
family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is
entitled to protection by society and he State. Mothers and children
have a right to special care and assistance. Everyone has the
inherent right to life – properly interpreted as commencing from the
moment of conception- and the right to legal recognition as a
person. Both parents, mother and father, have a responsibility to
protect their child, and to educate their child in accordance with
their moral and religious convictions. Every child has a right to a
family and to know and be cared for by his or her mother and
We will work to enact appropriate domestic laws that recognize the
anthropological foundation of international human rights law and
give effect to the rights of the family, in our respective countries.
As Guardians of the peoples’ trust we will ensure in accordance with
our supervisory and accountability obligations that our respective
governments properly implement and enforce domestic law giving
full effect to the rights of the family.
As Moral Individuals we will continue to make choices that reaffirm
the inherent dignity of the human person and seek to secure a
healthy future for our children, with special attention to those and
their loved ones, who have been irreparably damaged or destroyed
by the lack of respect for the rights of the family.
We welcome the growing global support for the rights of the family
among many diverse groups – including associations of families,
non-governmental organizations, and religious leaders – who
increasingly recognize that the natural family is of interest to all,
not just a few.
We adopt the present Resolution as an expression of our political
commitment to redouble efforts to value, protect and promote the
international rights of the family, in our respective countries, with
full respect for the rule of law.





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